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AGROSAVIA and UPRA sign a memorandum of understanding

AGROSAVIA and UPRA sign a memorandum of understanding
  • Corporación colombiana de investigación agropecuaria – AGROSAVIA and La Unidad de Planificación Rural Agropecuaria – UPRA [the Rural Agricultural Planning Unit] signed a memorandum of understanding to articulate joint projects and actions in the different regions of the country.


Bogota, Capital District. December 26, 2023. AGROSAVIA, led by its Executive Director, Jorge Mario Díaz Luengas, and Claudia Cortés, Management Leader of UPRA, celebrated a memorandum of understanding between the parties last Monday. This memorandum will allow the prompt articulation of joint projects and actions aimed at providing and optimizing the capacities and instruments within the framework of the mission of each institution, considering each other during the planning, research, and innovation processes for the country's rural agricultural management.

Both entities agreed to materialize their interest in cooperation in some specific actions without excluding others. The memorandum includes ten points highlighting the joint formulation and execution of projects and work plans, strengthening institutional capacities and those of SNIA actors, exchanging experiences and information, and articulating the analysis of the sectoral environment.

AGROSAVIA works on generating scientific knowledge and agricultural technological development through scientific research, the adaptation of technologies and transfer to improve the competitiveness of production, sustainability in the use of natural resources, strengthening Colombia's scientific and technological capacity, and contributing to raising the population's quality of life.

For its part, UPRA works in the agricultural sector to plan and implement an agricultural territorial planning model, which uses as main elements information management and analysis, guidelines and instruments for productive planning, social property planning, and information systems applicable at the national and territorial levels through the guidance of public policies.

For Claudia Uribe, Head of the Institutional Articulation Department of AGROSAVIA, "The memorandum of understanding seeks to formalize years of joint work between the two institutions on key issues for the country's agricultural planning, as well as to open the doors to other issues that are relevant in the sectoral environment and become opportunities for strengthening and developing the national agriculture. This memorandum will allow us to deepen the work on topics such as the human right to food, suitability zoning, climate-smart agriculture, agro-logistics, and the traceability of value chains, among others, to ensure harmonious work aligned with the National Development Plan and focused on producers' needs, recognizing the territorial and differential approaches of the communities."





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