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AGROSAVIA receives recognition within the framework of the El Espectador's BIBO Awards

AGROSAVIA receives recognition within the framework of the El Espectador's BIBO Awards

Bogota, Capital District. October 13, 2023. With the conviction that a better technical-scientific culture is required in society, and for this, all initiatives that improve public appropriation of "agrobiodiversity" are fundamental for the better development of the agricultural sector, Corporación colombiana de investigación agropecuaria – AGROSAVIA received on October 11, the BIBO 2023 recognition in its 33rd version, recognizing the best practices, strategies, projects, and environmental services in the country, focused on stopping and reversing the loss of biodiversity and generating new proposals for resource conservation, sustainable use and appropriation of knowledge.

In this last category, Social Appropriation of Knowledge – Business Section, AGROSAVIA received the third-place award, competing with more than 200 initiatives and being a finalist before LATAM Airlines Colombia and Comfenalco Quindío. "AGROSAVIA Al Parque, llevando ciencia al Parque" [AGROSAVIA Al Parque, taking science to the park] was an award-winning project and is constituted as a recreational and experiential methodology of annual events to bring science to the citizens within the framework of EXPOAGROSAVIA 2023. With this project, AGROSAVIA seeks to exalt participatory research, the model in the Corporation's networks, and promote contact with the community.

The project "AGROSAVIA Al Parque, llevando ciencia al parque" takes advantage of participatory research and projects carried out in the region to bring the community closer to science through inclusive cases with favorable results in economic and quality terms, considering current aspects as essential as the agrobiodiversity of the territories, their particularities, and challenges.

AGROSAVIA Al Parque offers a tangible and recreational experience via a tour of science in agriculture. With this objective, the fair has reached the central park of 11 municipalities of the country, and people have interacted with the technological offer that the Corporation has developed for the production systems of the various regions it has visited.

According to Jorge Mario Díaz Luengas, Executive Director of the Corporation, "Between 2012 and 2023, more than 12,200 people have been impacted at this fair in 11 cities in Colombia. The last version, held in San Juan, received 1,570 attendees, and science has always been there to show us that there are always ways, different ways of living life, friendlier, more sustainable, and fairer ways of doing things. And that fundamental role of science, well… it would be easier if we get closer to it and if science gets closer to us. AGROSAVIA has a transformative purpose: to touch and transform the lives of producers regardless of their ethnic or Raizal status."

One of the objectives of EXPOAGROSAVIA, the Corporation's annual fair, has been to present the value of science and technology for the countryside, to connect the territories and their particularities with the progress and the new technologies available for the sector.





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