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Beekeepers of Colombia, national beekeeping survey enabled

Beekeepers of Colombia, national beekeeping survey enabled

Mosquera, Cundinamarca. November 14, 2023. Beekeeping is an important productive, economic, and social activity in various country regions. However, a systematic and updated record of national beekeepers' location and main characteristics is currently lacking. This information is essential to understand the reality of the beekeeping sector and address its priority needs.

In this context, the project "Implementation of Good Livestock Practices in the Productive Chain of Bees and Beekeeping" is being carried out. It is financed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and implemented by AGROSAVIA under the leadership of the Tibaitatá Research Center.

This survey aims to comprehensively characterize beekeeping producers throughout the national territory, considering demographic and socioeconomic aspects, predominant production practices in each area, and frequent health problems, among other relevant factors. The results will serve as input for decision-makers to design and implement public policies and targeted action plans based on the particularities and challenges identified for beekeepers in each area.

Thus, resources can be directed for activities such as technical training, marketing, economic incentives, and other differentiated strategies according to the gaps determined by the characterization of the beekeeping sector's organizational, productive, commercial, and health matters. In short, the study aims to generate updated information on national beekeepers, an invaluable input for making decisions that promote the sustainable development of beekeeping activity throughout the country.

The survey can be completed through the following link:





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