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San Juan del Cesar prepares for ExpoAGROSAVIA 2023

San Juan del Cesar prepares for ExpoAGROSAVIA 2023
  • In this 2023 version, the fair had its first moment last September in Tumaco, Nariño.
  • On October 6, ExpoAGROSAVIA will take over the Municipality of San Juan del Cesar in the Department of La Guajira.


San Juan del Cesar, La Guajira. October 4, 2023. ExpoAGROSAVIA has become a vital space to strengthen the bond and collaboration between the main actors in the Colombian countryside. This fair brings together producers/farmers, livestock farmers, researchers, and local communities to share knowledge, experiences, and innovative technologies.

On this occasion, ExpoAGROSAVIA arrives at the Municipality of San Juan del Cesar in the Department of La Guajira. It includes different activities where attendees can immerse themselves playfully and educationally in the experiences related to AGROSAVIA's technological offer in this region of the country. Among the most notable topics of the fair, we have:

  1. Aurora Route - Aurora Sweet Potato: This experience will show the entire process of the Aurora sweet potato, from planting to harvesting, including fertilization and irrigation. We will also have two agricultural producers who will share their experience with this production system and the sweet potato products they are marketing.
  2. Sheep and Goat Experience: Attendees will be able to see a corral with sheep and goats, allowing them to get a close look at these species. A beneficiary producer will offer tastings of dairy products derived from this productive chain, while indigenous weaver women will provide a cultural immersion also based on sheep.
  3. Local Seed Banks (BLS) and Biofortified Beans: Samples from AGROSAVIA's local seed banks will be exhibited, followed by a presentation of a biofortified bean with cultural and ritual meanings for the Arhuaco people. There will be delivery of bean seeds, live preparations, and a recreational and fun experience for children.
  4. Fusarium (Foc R4T): ExpoAGROSAVIA attendees will find, in the main tent, an exhibition on the Foc TR4 disease that affects plantain and banana crops. Symptoms and combat methods will be illustrated with an interactive structure.
  5. Cocoa Experience: Information on cacao diseases and varieties adapted to the region will be shown, and there will be a tasting session of chocolate products. We will also have the participation of the company Nacional de Chocolates.
  6. Livestock Experience: In this space, we will have activities where the Colombian Creole breeds managed by two of AGROSAVIA’s Research Centers in the Caribbean region are presented. We will have scale models of silvopastoral systems and an animal feeding experience based on multi-nutritional blocks.
  7. Fique Experience: Fique is also present at ExpoAGROSAVIA 2023. In this experience, visitors will learn many aspects of this crop, from its cultivation to the creation of by-products and fabrics with this material. There will be weavers and an interactive column of images.


A decade of commitment to the agricultural sector

Since its beginning in 2012, ExpoAGROSAVIA has traveled through different regions of Colombia, passing through the departments of Antioquia, Tolima, Meta, Córdoba, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, Nariño, Magdalena, Putumayo and Huila. During this decade, the fair has evolved in response to the agricultural sector's needs.

The appointment is next Friday, October 6, on Boulevard Carrera 8 con Calle 7, Municipality of San Juan del Cesar. The fair is open from 9:00 hours and will close at 16:30 hours. ExpoAGROSAVIA 2023 promises to be an educational and entertaining day for all ages, in which visitors can learn, interact, and appreciate the richness of the agricultural sector.





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